File and Data Processing Analyst

Equal opportunity application open to all those who fulfill critical requirements
Up to eight weeks training abroad, then permanent in Philapdelphia
Join us in our quest to become the market leader in healthcare data processing!

EDI.healthcare services automated data interchange between the state, medical care organizations, clearing houses, and healthcare providers.
Our clients are the medical care organizations (MCOs), who are contracted by the state to manage Medicaid programs.
Efficient data exchange is critical to their operations. The industry has enormous potential for growth and we have already
established a solid reputation with a reliable stream of work and revenue.
We are actively expanding our development capacity and extending our operations in the US.
We are offering the position of File and Data Processing Analyst, with an initial period of six to eight weeks training in our Berlin
office, after which you would be based in our new office in Philadelphia.

Details of the job:


What we offer:

We are looking for motivated individuals who love what they do and embrace all challenges with pride and conviction.
We work as a team, supporting its players with time and space to grow into their roles and succeed.
We value clear communications and realistic expectations. We have a long-term view to build something that lasts.

Apply by email to jobs@edi.healthcare

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